A Tribute to Finnish work − for Finland's 100 years of independence

Our country turns 100 years on the 6th of December 2017. When foreigners are asked to describe the people of Finland, two words usually pop up: hard-working and humble. Maybe that’s why 52% of us Finns think that we could be prouder of our work [1]. We wanted to remind us to celebrate the crazy, creative, innovative and persistent work of each and every Finn of the past, present and future.

Did you know?

All the forest machines were fuelled with Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, made 100 % from waste and residues. Read more about this Finnish work’s masterpiece on In addition, the machines were oiled with Neste's top-quality lubricants.

A Charitable Cause to Support The Future of Finnish Work

We believe that everyone should have the right to work. And we’re not alone. That’s why we want to support this with a charitable cause.

80% of the long-term unemployed are highly motivated to get a job [2]

In our vast country, jobs are not always easy to find. In addition to the great distances you may need to travel to get to a job interview and it’s likely that you need to take many a trips to actually land a job.

16 km is the average distance to work in Finland [3]

Especially in the countryside, people may need to travel great lengths to reach their work place. The new legislation of 2017 makes it even more crucial for the unemployed to have their own car.

80 km is the distance from which an unemployed needs to accept a job

Neste, the largest gas station network in Finland, together with the NGO Työttömien keskusjärjestö ry, wants to lend a helping hand, in order to ease job-seeking for the unemployed.

Each view of the Finlandia by Forest Machines – a Tribute to Finnish Work – will add more to our charitable cause: once it reaches 100 000 views, we will give 20 000 € worth of fuel to the unemployed.

Current status of the view count

100 000 views = 20 000 € worth of fuel to the unemployed.

Our goal was reached in 32 hours. Thank you!

The goal of 100.000 views was reached in a record-breaking time. This is why we want to raise the bar and challenge othet companies join in! The new goal is one million views, which will double the amount to charity. If not even more.

1 000 000 views = 40 000 € worth of fuel to the unemployed.

Over 2 million views in all channels. Thank you!!

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